Leading by example is always the best approach when trying to get across the message of how lifestyle, food and health are inter-related. With that in mind, when the opportunity came along to sponsor champion sprinter Rion Pierre, we were delighted.

Rion is an ideal person to be involved with GlucoRx as his path could have been so different. He’s changed his outcome through positivity against adversity and a healthy lifestyle – the exact message we try to get across.

Born in Jamaica, Rion moved to England with his family when he was five years old.  Multi-talented at many sports, he was signed to Chelsea FC’s youth team but was stabbed in a non-gang related incident when he was 14.

Struggling to regain his fitness, Rion was released from Chelsea. At this point, he could have given up and made much less wise choices. However, determined to prove his athleticism, he then joined an athletics club, quickly becoming the Under-17 100-metre record holder for Middlesex,  as well as the English School’s Gold Medallist.

Rion’s path over the next few years led to more and more successes – ultimately qualifying for the Olympics in 2012, although sadly due to injury, he was unable to compete.

It was at this time Rion came to the notice of Chris Chapman, who is now Sales Director of GlucoRx. Chris was in the police force at the time and had seen a programme run by The Met, who were using young men as ambassadors in a school programme to prevent gang violence and criminal behaviour.

These young people had turned their lives around, and Chris recognised what a great example Rion would be to pass on a similar message.

Fast-forward several years, and the stars aligned. Chris is working in the healthcare industry and Rion is still involved in athletics, whilst working towards his goal to set up a sports physio clinic to support young athletes.

Rion also gives regular talks at primary schools, helping children to understand what good nutrition is, what it takes to be a successful athlete and a successful person in life. One of his favourite quotes is, ‘If you keep on doing what you’ve always done – you keep on getting what you’ve always got’ – a great adage for anyone of any age!

“Rion is a great example for us, especially around diet exercise and healthy living,” says Chris. “He carries our logo on his running vests, warm-up gear and bag, and we hope people will see the logo, Google us and find out more.

Rion’s overcome some huge odds, kept on track and his motive is always to inspire the next generation with great health and positivity. We’re very proud of him especially now he will also be raising the profile of diabetes.”

Follow Rion on Twitter @shocka_sprints