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What is #LetsTalkDiabetes?

Diabetes affects 4.7 million people across the UK, and yet the topic isn’t openly discussed enough. In pushing discussion we hope that more people achieve a better understanding of the condition, methods of prevention and better techniques in dealing with diabetes.

We wish to also reduce any stigma or fears surrounding living with diabetes, whilst also educating our following with the latest news, technology and progress within the medical space surrounding diabetes.

How do I take part?

It’s simple, if you are newly diagnosed with diabetes and are seeking answers to specific questions, are a veteran who has been dealing with diabetes for a long period of time, are a medical professional with a large wealth of expertise in the subject or are just an interested party looking to learn more; tweet out the hashtag #LetsTalkDiabetes and start the discussion surrounding whatever subject intrigues you. We encourage everyone to join the discussion to educate as many people as possible and create a healthy circulation of information.

Information & Statistics

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Diagnosis statistics from 2018
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Type 1, 2 and 3 diabetes
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