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How to set the time and date on GlucoRx meters.

Having trouble setting the time, date or alarm on your meter? Here is a step-by-step ‘How to’ guide.

How do I open the back of my meter?

Opening the meters image

The HCT and Nexus meters all open the same way, by lifting the back flap up. The Nexus Voice meter requires you to slide the flap downwards to expose the back. The SET button on Nexus Voice is coloured black, just above the batteries. All other meters have an orange coloured SET button to the left of the batteries.

How do I set the time, date and alarms on my meter?

Step 1 Image

Take your switched off meter.

Step 2 Image

Turn the meter over and open up the flap so that the batteries are exposed.

Step 3 Image

Press the SET button next to the batteries.

Step 4 Image

On the screen you will first see a number light up. This number represents the year. To change the year, press the main button on the front of the meter. Once the year is set correctly, repeat step 3 by pressing the SET button again.

Step 5 Image

After pressing the SET button, you can change the day in the same way you changed the year by pressing the main button and repeating step 3 again to change the month.

Step 6 Image

Repeat step 3 and you will now get the option to set a 12 or 24 hour clock.

Step 7 Image

Repeat step 3 to change the time.

Step 8 Image

Repeat step 3 to SET an alarm. If you do not want to set an alarm, you can simply press SET again till the screen displays “OFF”, then skip to step 10. If you would like to set an alarm, press the main button to turn the screen display from “OFF” to “ON”.

Step 9 Image

Repeat step 3 and use the main button to set the time. When you are done, repeat step 3 again up to 4 times to go through/set the 4 individual alarms.

Step 9.5 image

Certain GlucoRx meters allow you to switch the screen Backlight on and off – the last option in the settings, just after the alarm settings.

Step 10 Image

Repeat step 3 until you have gone through all the meter settings. The meter will display “OFF” and automatically shut down.

How do I set the time, date and alarm on my Nexus Mini Ultra meter?

All the options are in the same order as any other GlucoRx meter, but the steps to access them on the Nexus Mini Ultra are different as you use the front up and down buttons instead of a SET button.

mini-ultra off

From the meter being completely switched off, hold down both the front up and down buttons together for a few seconds.

mini-ultra change time

To change the values on each setting, press the up button.

mini-ultra change mode

Once a setting has been set correctly, move onto the next setting by pressing the down button.

Turning off

To modify the alarm, keep pressing the down button until “OFF” is displayed.

Mini-ultra switched off

Once “OFF” is displayed again, the meter will automatically turn itself off. All the changes you’ve made have been adjusted and saved for when you next use the meter.