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GlucoRx Repeat service is simple and easy to use. Choose the meter that best suits your needs, then choose the amount of test strips and lancets you need and how often you want them delivered. Cancel anytime, you’re in control.

Select your subscription meter

Nexus Glucose Meter

Nexus Mini Ultra Glucose Meter

Nexus Voice Glucose Meter

Select the meter that suits your needs. Arrow Image Choose the plan with the amount of supplies you require. Vertical Arrow Your supplies will be delivered to your home or workplace.

Which meter is right for me?

It all depends on your needs. Our Nexus meter is a perfect all round meter for testing blood glucose. If you prefer something a little smaller with the same functionality, we recommend the Nexus Mini Ultra. For people with poor eyesight, we suggest the Nexus voice – this meter gives audio feedback on your blood glucose reading.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes you can. Click Cancel Subscription to cancel or pause your subscription.

Are the meters covered by a lifetime warranty?

GlucoRx is committed to ensuring that your meter requirements are fulfilled and covered by a lifetime warranty. Should you need any support, please contact customer services on 01483-755133.