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GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra Meter

GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra Blood Glucose Meter


32 customer reviews
4.88 out of 5 based on 32 customer ratings

Model TD-4141

Our most compact meter with scrolling main button, strip insertion light/backlit screen. Smart phone compatible with the GlucoRx Bluetooth Dongle, which transfers readings from the meter to an iOS or Android device via the GlucoRx Blue App.

Product Description

The GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra blood glucose meter kit includes 10x GlucoRx Nexus Test strips, 10x GlucoRx Lancets, lancing device, control solution, battery, instructions, monitoring diary, warranty card and carry case.

  • Conforms to Accuracy requirements of ISO 15197:2015
  • Advanced GDH-FAD Enzyme technology
  • No coding
  • 5µL blood volume for result in 5 seconds
  • 1 – 33.3mmol/L measurement range
  • AC/PC meal markers
  • Alternative Site Testing
  • Four alarms and Discreet testing
  • Stores 1000 non-deletable readings (fulfils DVLA memory requirements) with 7, 14, 21, 28, 60 & 90 Day averages
  • Strip ejection
  • PC link for Software download and Diasend compatible
  • Dimensions – 97.8 (L) x 33.5 (W) x 18 (H) mm.

Also Smart phone compatible with the GlucoRx Bluetooth Dongle, which transfers readings from the meter to an iOS or Android device via the GlucoRx Blue App.

GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra meter only uses GlucoRx Nexus Test Strips and GlucoRx Lancets.


Nexus Mini Ultra will last many years if looked after well.

Nexus Mini Ultra can be connected to IOS or Android smartphone with the GlucoRx Blue APP using the GlucoRx Bluetooth Dongle (available to purchase from GlucoRx’s website).

E-b means the battery is running low. Please fill out this form to receive free replacement AAA battery.

AC and PC meal markers enable tagging of your blood glucose results before and after meals, respectively. You can always just keep the meter in ‘Gen’ (general) mode.

Start with the lancing device on the middle depth setting and adjust either side accordingly to suit your skin hardness/required puncture penetration.

A control solution test tests if your meter is functioning correctly. By using a liquid in place of blood which contains a known amount of glucose, you can determine if your meter is working correctly with your test strips.

Click here to read our simple guide on how to do a control solution test on your Nexus meter/strip system.

A control solution test should be performed when using the first strip out of a new pot or if you get an unexpected reading.

Click here for our illustrated guide on how to change the date and time.

Additional Information

Include USB cable for GlucoRx software for Windows

No thanks, Yes please (Free)

32 reviews for GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra Blood Glucose Meter

  1. Holly

    Received my meter works really well and easy to use also get the USB cable free of charge to download my results.

  2. Mick F.

    I bought this unit to keep in the car so that I can do relevant testing with regard to the legal legal times and requests and find that it is compact and that all I need to keep legal are the tester and relevant emergency sweets and drinks.

  3. Derek

  4. Rosemary

    Thank you an ideal tool for when I am out and about. Good prompt service.

  5. Ian Fulton

    This is a similar instrument to the one I already have and uses the same test strips. I use it as a spare but particularly when driving given that the dvla now insist that insulin dependent diabetics, with a restricted license, must test themselves regularly at least 2hrs before driving

  6. shaun m.

    A good piece of kit at a good price

  7. Roger Parish

    I find I am using this meter more than my full size one.I also keep one in the car so that I can never be without a tester as per DVLA rules.A great little meter.

  8. Gary H.

    These are a really great, handy size and will be a permanent addition for my car glovebox.

  9. Richard Batts

    Just need to make pricker and strips much smaller to reduce size of wallet ?

  10. Patrick Jordine

    Excellent equipment. Love it

  11. Andrew I.

    Easy to use and carry around with you

  12. Barry Stevens

    As usual it’s easy to use, added benefit s are the LED indicator for the rest strip, also test strip ejector.
    This unit is smaller than the GlucoRX meters I’ve used before.
    Very good.

  13. Keith Verrall

    This is my 3rd one now (all ok my choice to leave meters in different places I go ) Works extremely well, small and lightweight,links to BlueTooth dongle.

  14. Cheryl B.

    After loosing my last monitor at work I had to buy a new one, which is an updated model, but still uses the same strips



  16. Dave T.

    Very compact and easy to use

  17. D S E.

    Works reliably and gives consistent readings.

  18. Charles M.

    Very easy to use and well worth the money.

  19. Patricia

  20. charles brown

    simple small easy to use

  21. Anthony HODGSON

    Goods received as expected

  22. John Skeldon

    Everything first class

  23. Richard Wraight

  24. Barry J.

    I bought this because it uses the same test strips as my main meter so I don’t have to buy different types of strip I keep this meter in the car so I can do tests as I’m driving keeping in line with the DVLA guidelines it’s easily stored in the glove box as its very compact it’s an excellent meter and i would reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a new meter and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money it does the job perfectly

  25. Dominic

    Fantastic Meter

  26. ian petchey

    Great meter

  27. Nigel Parsons

    I bought this as a spare for the car/work. A good price for the technology. The only very minor downside is that the supplied carrying case is a little too big. It would be better if it were supplied with a more compact case optimized for the size of the meter/finger pricker and test strip case.

  28. Anonymous

    A fully functioning meter, in a small size.

  29. Ria Lloyd

    Nice and small. Easy to use.

  30. Peter B.

  31. Anonymous

    Easier for travelling relative to ‘bulk’ of Nexus meter. Also useful at price as a backup.

  32. Anonymous

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