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16 customer reviews
4.81 out of 5 based on 16 customer ratings

Product Description

A card for those suffering from diabetes which informs others on their symptoms and treatments for hypoglycemia.

16 reviews for Hypocard

  1. Helen Anderson

    Very well satisfied with the card

  2. Anonymous

  3. jane R.

    Useful to carry on me

  4. Anonymous

    Just useful

  5. Barry Stevens

    Compact piece of information, great.

  6. Rose Bayliss

    My card was missed. After contact, it came with extra goodies! Nice surprise. The card is good. Thanks.



  8. Geoffrey

  9. Dave T.

    Simple but very handy to carry with you for someone else to use if you fall ill

  10. Joan

    Handy to carry in a purse/wallet

  11. Anthony HODGSON

    Goods received as expected

  12. kevin oakley


    very clear instructions and could be needed in case of an accident

  14. Anthony

    Rather a good idea with these cards

  15. Terry B. Cooke

    Everything is fine and received okay.

  16. Neil S.

    Fantastic card. Already filled bits in and it’s in my wallet.

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