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GlucoRx HCT Glucose Strips (50pcs)


3 customer reviews
5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings

Product Description

Utilise advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology. Strips expire 6 months after opening each pot.

Compatible with the following blood glucose meters:

  • GlucoRx HCT
  • GlucoRx HCT Connect
  • GlucoRx HCT Connect-i

Additional Information

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3 reviews for GlucoRx HCT Glucose Strips (50pcs)

  1. Marie

    Excellent service and fast response. Thank you.

  2. John W.

    Very easy to order. These strips are a little wider than others I’ve used and I find that makes them easy to handle

  3. Marie

    Easy to insert in the meter and they always function.

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