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GlucoRx CarePoint Pen Needles (100pcs)



Product Description

Complete size range (4mm/31g, 4mm Ultra/32g, 5mm/31g, 6mm/31g, 8mm/31g, 10mm/29g, 12mm/29g), which fit all insulin delivery devices.


GlucoRx pen needles have universal fit on all insulin pens – Click here to see our compatibility chart.

FinePoint pen needles have a 5 bevel needle tip and CarePoint is 3 bevel.

Bevel refers to the angled surface which is created when a needle tip is sharpened to improve gliding/penetration through skin for a more comfortable injection.

GlucoRx CarePoint pen needles are single use only and cannot be reused, for safe discarding in a sharps bin after.

Additional Information

Needle Size:

29G (10MM), 29G (12MM), 31G (4MM), 31G (5MM), 31G (6MM), 31G (8MM), Ultra 32G (4MM)


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