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Desang Kitbag Roll-up Microfiber BLACK


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Product Description

The microfiber Roll Up kitbag is designed for insulin users whether they be on an insulin pump or on injections, or for anyone with diabetes who needs to carry quite a lot of kit. For pump users, its great fitting in several infusion sets, inserters and reservoirs. It consists of two larger and two smaller mesh pockets and will fit insulin injection pens, spare insulin cartridges and insulin pen needles, blood glucose meter, test strips, lancing device and lancets, monitoring diary and pen and hypo treatment. All you need, all day. For pump users, it will also fit up to six infusion sets, an inserter for the infusion sets, up to four reservoirs, insulin and spare pump batteries.

(Supplies not included)

Dimensions: H: 25cm when closed (66cm when fully open), W: 20cm, D: 8cm (when closed and empty).

The pockets are: 18cm wide x 8cm deep (smaller pocket) and 18cm wide x 13cm deep (larger pocket).

1 review for Desang Kitbag Roll-up Microfiber BLACK

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