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Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth Dongle (use with Nexus Mini Ultra/GlucoRx GO meters)


12 customer reviews
5.00 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings

Product Description

Bluetooth Dongle which transfers measuring data from GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra and GlucoRx GO meters to Smart Phone (iOS and Android) via GlucoRx Blue App.

Operation Instructions

nexus blue app
nexus blue app

12 reviews for Bluetooth Dongle (use with Nexus Mini Ultra/GlucoRx GO meters)

  1. Excess121

    Works well, downloads all my readings straight to my phone, no more paper diaries to worry about.

  2. Jane R.

    Absolutely wonderful. Not sure why I hadn’t discovered it earlier. Was using lead and laptop. This is so much simpler and shows more data. Love it.

  3. Keith Verrall

    Excellent idea and works really well with the app

  4. Barry J.

    This is a welcome gadget as it saves the need for paper diaries and stores all the test results on to your mobile phone and when you visit your healthcare team they can review your test results at a quick glance of your phone I would reccomend this to anyone buying a comparable meter

  5. Neil S.

    Amazing device. Works really brilliant with my phone.

  6. Karl Prosser

    Quick delivery, great website and even better support

  7. David B.

    Works perfectly

  8. Anonymous

    Makes collecting data for consultations easy

  9. Ria Lloyd

    Works brilliantly. Saves me having to type it in. Also their apple app shares its data with other apps.

  10. Ken Burton

    Excellent, works every time.

  11. Tony R.

    This works perfectly. It transfers you readings with easy to use software to your iPhone. Helps me keep accurate records of my diabetes.

  12. Ron Hale

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