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Allpresan intensive diabetic foot foam cream


10 customer reviews
5.00 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings

Product Description

GlucoRx Allpresan® diabetic foam creams are the only medical devices for the specific treatment of dry skin on the feet in connection with diabetes mellitus.

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300ml, 125ml, 35ml

10 reviews for Allpresan intensive diabetic foot foam cream


    I have found the free sample that GlucoRx have sent to me very helpful for my feet and will continue to use it when I run out of the sample.

  2. Nalin Patel

    I recently received a free sample of Allpresan Intensive foam cream from GlucoRx after thinking about purchasing one for some time. I have suffered with very dry flaky and itchy skin on the soles of my feet for several years due to Diabetes. Over several years I have unsuccessfully used many other products in order to improve the condition of the skin. Having used Allpresan for past one week I have noticed an instant and dramatic improvement and it feels like the skin is recovering to its normal state. The flaky loose skin has disappeared and there is less itching and dryness. I had one troubled itchy spot for several years between two toes which has also improved considerably. In my ,this new experience it seems the protective effect will be lasting much longer whereas other mosturising creams tend to work for just a day then the skin is dry as usual the very next day. I would definitely recommend this product be used by Diabetics who may have similar problems to mine. I am now in the process of ordering two 300ml bottles. I had in the past mentioned this product to my Foot Health Care professional who was unaware of it but will mention again at my next consultation and point out the improvement in the condition of the skin.

  3. Keith M Verrall

    Very easy to apply, (by my wife as I can not reach my feet because of injuries) easily rubbed into foot and quite a good feeling whilst being done. The following mornng i did notice a difference as some parts of my foot were less hard than before, I used it for 2 days before seeing my Podiatrist, she commented on how softer my feet were compared to normal.
    Only draw back is the price, even though I could claim VAT Exemption it is still quite expensive and I also get a cream prescribed by my GP
    So overall great cream does what it says.

  4. Jane

    I have battled with foot dryness where the skin peeled off for over 18months. I tried several other branded treatment but the problem never eased or got better. Having used Allpresen I have managed to eradicate the problem. It is easy to use., non greasy and leaves the foot feeling comfortably protected. My foot is so much healthier, smooth and hydrated. Thank you.

  5. Roger Lewis

    Far superior to other ‘diabetic’ foot treatments. Absorbs very easily leaving the skin feeling soft and non-greasy.

  6. Jenny Pursey

    The foot cream is fantastic- really soft and silky and easy to rub in. Also the delivery of the items was done very quickly and professionally.

  7. Steve W.

    Excellent product and service

  8. Janice M.

    Wonderful foam no mess

  9. martin Codd

    Good communications, swift and speedy deliveries all nicely and securely packed,

  10. Robert B.

    Excellent And it works

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