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GlucoRx Allpresan Basic diabetic foot cream

Allpresan basic diabetic foot foam cream


12 customer reviews
5.00 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings

Product Description

GlucoRx Allpresan® diabetic foam creams are the only medical devices for the specific treatment of dry skin on the feet in connection with diabetes mellitus.

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300ml, 125ml

12 reviews for Allpresan basic diabetic foot foam cream


    We have tried this sample and it works brilliantly softening the hard skin on our feet with the first application feeling the difference immediately I asked my doctor today but said unfortunately we can’t get this on prescription because it is not on the list of things they can or can’t prescribe but the great thing about this product is that it really does work it maybe expensive but hopefully we can all get this on prescription very soon. Thank you GlucoRX for our sample you have made a first rate product.

  2. Emily Precious

    I ordered the free sample of Allpresan Basic diabetic foot foam cream, and I am impressed with the obvious benefits of using the foam regularly, my dry skin has improved greatly, meaning that I no longer need to use a pumice stone. My feet feel softer and with the twice daily usage I’m checking my feet each time I apply the foam, it rubs in easily and leaves no greasy residue on your feet or hands. I will be ordering more, as I’ve had such positive results in less than 10 days.

  3. Mike Duckett

    Very early days and I’m still using my free sample, but it is very easy to use and feels really creamy, but not sticky on my feet, whic do feel softer after using. Nice scent as well.

  4. john sutcliffe

    Thanks for the free sample, feet immediately felt softer and more sensitive. I am ordering some more on the basis of this test.
    Regards John

  5. Philip Baker

    Delighted with the product, have been searching for a foot treatment for a long time which is non greasy or sticky, Allpresan does the trick.

  6. Anonymous

  7. Garry A.

    great product, you don’t need to put a lot on, good value.

  8. Rosalie Bennett

    Excellent product, easy to apply and does not leave the skin greasy. Highly recommend.

  9. alexander forster

  10. alexander forster


    Very helpful for itchy or burning sensation skin on your feet. Ideal product if you are Diabetic like myself

  12. Alan S.

    Works really well and you only need a small amount, just got to get into the habit of doing it daily!

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