We’re all prone to surges of hunger now and then, but for diabetics, it’s really important to be prepared. If we work from the assumption that hunger will strike out of nowhere every now and then, and have some ideas (and food) constantly to hand, then it will help avoid falling off the wagon and having to make up for it later.

A great way to approach this is to treat your snack like a mini-meal, with a good mix of protein, fat and fibre. A normal meal would generally include 45-60 grammes of carbs, so working on this ratio, a smaller version of the meal (the snack) would have 15 – 20 grammes. The overall plate should contain non-starchy veg, one-quarter starch carbs and one quarter lean protein.

Here are some ideas below to get you started:


Cheese, crackers and baby carrots or apple slices.

Low-fat cheese, five wholewheat crackers and a few slices of carrot or apple will be a healthy snack with no after-effects.

Dried fruit and almonds

Portion control is essential with this snack as both are calorie-dense. Two tablespoons of each will provide 20 grammes of carbohydrate, and provide the sweetness and the crunch to satisfy. Almonds will also prevent a sugar spike and keep you feeling full.


Hummus and Vegetables

Another calorie-dense snack, but full of nutrients and fibre. Take one cup of hummus, and use as a dip with celery, broccoli, carrots and cucumber.


Greek Yogurt and Raisins

Take half a cup of plain yoghurt and add a tablespoon of raisins (they don’t raise blood sugar). Raisins are also credited with lowering blood pressure.


Take A Cup of Low-Sodium Soup

Anything broth-based will do here. Chicken soup, turkey, or even savoury fish with a little potato. Soup is warming and soothing and as long as the noodles or starchy carbs aren’t too great, it’s a perfect snack for someone with diabetes 2.


A Banana and Berry Smoothie

Take half a small banana, half a cup of (no fat) milk or yogurt, and half a cup of frozen berries. Blend them together with some ice to thicken it up without adding more calories or carbs.


Egg Salad

Mash a hard-boiled egg together with 1 tsp of low-fat mayonnaise for a perfect egg mayo. Or if you need more protein, throw in another egg white too. You can accompany this snack with up to 5 multi-grain crackers, or splash out on a slice of wholegrain bread. Alternatively, it tastes great with a small handful of grapes for a change.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the above suggestions for some healthy snack ideas.

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