1.Diabetes at Christmas: The InDependent Diabetes has produced
a handy guide on how to cut calories and carbohydrates this Christmas.
Read more [iddt.org]

2. Pakistan ranked fourth in the world for diabetes prevalence: Pakistan is ranked
fourth in the world for diabetes prevalence, so there is a dire need to take emergency
steps for the control and prevention of the ‘silent killer’.
Read more [GEO.TV]

3. Teenager receives Young Person’s Outstanding Achievement Award: from Diabetes UK: Read more [The Northern Echo]

4. Gut microbes may predict whether exercising will prevent diabetes: Your gut microbes
may determine how you respond to exercise.
Read more [Newscientist]

5. Patients share experiences to provide insights into diabetes burnout: Essentially all patients living
with type 1 diabetes experience “diabetes burnout” Read more [News-medical]

6. Cannabis tied to serious complications in type 1 diabetes: People with type 1 diabetes
may be more than twice as likely to develop. Read more [in.reuters}

7. Sexual dysfunction is a common complication in type 1 diabetes patients: A recent study
published in Muscle & Nerve explored the prevalence of male
sexual dysfunction in type 1 diabetes. Read more [News-Medical]

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