People with diabetes can now take steps to manage their condition at the same time as doing their weekly shop.


From September 1, supermarket giant Asda will stock the GlucoRx Nexus blood glucose meter and strips, in all of its 631 stores across the UK.


The Woking-based company launched its affordable meter for people with diabetes in 2010, allowing people with the condition to simply manage their diabetes.


It has become the second most popular device in the country with its high specification. It uses the latest specialist GDH-FAD enzyme technology and also has a highly competitive price.


Chris Chapman, sales director for GlucoRx, is delighted the company has been chosen to help facilitate the simple management of diabetes.

He said: “It’s a real milestone for the company to have our products selected to be on the shelves of Asda, who have 631 stores nationwide and 165,00 dedicated staff serving more than 18 million customers.

“As an innovative company we are always looking to push the barriers of science and healthcare and find ways to develop and deliver cost-effective products that bring benefits to both people with diabetes and the NHS.


“We pride ourselves on prioritising patient care so profits can go towards extra nurses, newer equipment, greater research and be reinvested into care of the local community.”


Using NHS data from England the company based in Monument Way West, Woking, has calculated that their products have saved the NHS £25 million in the past three years. They are now working hard to save the NHS £100 million.


Chris Chapman added: “Having saved the NHS over £25 million in the past three years the target now is to save the NHS £100 million. We are doing this by reaching out to more Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health Boards, which commission healthcare in the community, across the UK.”


The company continues to work with a number of regional organisations to help raise awareness of diabetes, setting up a number of fundraising events for charities.


GlucoRX normally produces devices for humans but has recently released a meter system designed specifically for diabetic cows, which was developed by scientists to answer a growing problem facing UK farmers.
The £25 million savings calculations were made using the NHS Prescription Cost Analysis and ePACT, an online application with 60 months of prescription data.