As a socially-responsible company, it’s always a real pleasure to be able to do something for others – especially when it relates so directly to our business expertise.


And that’s how ten employees from GlucoRx found themselves running in the Surrey Half Marathon recently, to raise funds for the charity, ‘Health Amplifier’.


Health Amplifier is fund-raising with the eventual aim of building a specialist diabetes centre in Tanzania (East Africa). This is an area of particular interest to the charity who specifically focus on areas of extreme need. In the Kikavu region of Tanzania, nine out of ten residents in the more remote areas, live on less than $1 per day. In addition, their access to medical care is extremely limited, not only because of finances, but through distance – with many of them having a 10km walk to the nearest facility.


And that’s why GlucoRx wanted to be involved – as manufacturers of diabetes products, we are in the ideal position to help. And our first event was a huge success, raising over 1,000 pounds to kickstart the campaign.


Other events planned now include a 100m abseil down the Spinnaker Tower on 28th August, plus a skydive, a cake sale and a spin-athon. All funds that we and others raise, will go towards establishing a class-leading diabetic clinic in Kikavu, with the aim of educating, monitoring and treating people.


If anyone would like to donate directly to the cause, then visit