We are pleased to announce that we are supporting a national campaign to raise awareness of a short-term complication of diabetes – Hypo Awareness Week.

Hypo Awareness Week is a seven-day campaign to raise awareness about, and reduce episodes of, hypoglycaemia, and will run from Monday, September 30, to Sunday, October 6, 2019.

Hypoglycaemia, also known as a hypo, takes place when the blood glucose levels of people with diabetes drop too low. They can feel shaky, unwell and, in extreme cases, can slip into a coma.

Our Group Managing Director, Chris Chapman, said: “As an ambassador for the treatment and prevention of diabetes, GlucoRx is delighted to help sponsor the Hypo Awareness Week campaign.

“Year on year GlucoRx continues to look for ways to push the barriers of science and healthcare to find ways to develop and deliver cost-effective products as well as raise awareness to bring benefits to both people with diabetes and the NHS.

“Hypo Awareness Week provides the perfect platform for people to spread the message about the complications associated with diabetes and we are delighted to be associated with this impactful week on the calendar.”

According to results from the 2017 National Diabetes Inpatient Audit1, around one in six hospitals beds are occupied by a person with diabetes.

Dr Gerry Rayman, the national clinical lead for the audit, has said that since 2010 there has been a 30 per cent reduction in severe hypoglycaemic episodes in hospitals, with Hypo Awareness Week helping to raise awareness annually since 20122.

However, almost one in five inpatients with diabetes experiences hypoglycaemia during their hospital stay3.

The annual campaign aims to raise awareness of hypoglycaemia in the UK by educating healthcare professionals about the short-term complications of diabetes.

As part of a week-long series of activities, trusts across the UK and the Republic of Ireland will be staging training events to raise awareness of the condition. Resources, including guidelines, leaflets and educational slides, will be used to help spread the word.

This programme is organised by Orange Juice communications and has been made possible with the support of Sanofi and GlucoRx which have had no input into any arrangements or content.

Last year, a total of 549 sites, the majority of which were hospitals, across the country took part in Hypo Awareness Week.


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