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Damaged fat cells could make weight loss harder

‘Reducing obesity is particularly important because obesity increases the risk of complications such as type 2 diabetes. Eating a healthy diet low in carbohydrate and high in vegetables can prevent future complications and help with weight loss, regardless of scarred fat tissue’

Experimental nerve treatment restores insulin sensitivity

‘An experimental treatment on a major nerve restores insulin sensitivity in rats, according to a new study.

The treatment involves electrically stimulating the carotid sinus nerve which sits next to the carotid artery, the main artery of the neck. The treatment is known as kilohertz frequency alternating current (KHFAC) modulation.’

Healthy meals and support recommended to help people with type 2 diabetes

‘Kevin Cradock, the study’s first author and an Irish Research Council postgraduate scholar at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, said: “Changing the food environment is one of the keys to treating type 2 diabetes. Before we change the food environment we need to look carefully at what it is and how it affects us.’

Radical diet can reverse type 2 diabetes, new study shows

‘Low-calorie diet caused remission in 90% of trial patients who lost 15kg or more, even those who had been diabetic for six years, say researchers’

‘The Potential Health Benefits and Risks of Ginger for Type 2 Diabetes

You may turn to ginger when you have an upset stomach due to its calming effects, but the herb may also help stabilise your blood sugar, some research suggests.’

Gene That Puts Families at Risk of Diabetes Identified

‘A gene thought to be critical in the regulation of insulin, the key hormone in diabetes has been identified by recent research of families with rare blood sugar conditions’