The GlucoRx Allpresan range of products is a real breakthrough in diabetic foot care.


According to a recent study by Diabetes UK, there are around 7,000 lower limb amputations in people with diabetes in England each year, and the likelihood that someone with diabetes will have a leg, foot or toe amputation is around 23 times that of a person without diabetes. They estimate that 2-2.5% of the diabetes population has an ulcer in any given week, around 60,000-75,000 people in England.


Circulation problems combined with diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels make it difficult for diabetics to know they have a problem, and even more difficult for wounds to heal.


These wounds may constitute anything from a cut or a sore to an ulcer which may not sound too serious in a person without the condition. However, with diabetes, serious problems can arise as it leads to slower healing. And a wound that isn’t healing well is more prone to infection.


But there is hope on the horizon, in the shape of the GlucoRx Allpresan range of products for diabetic foot care. With specially patented technology, these products form a breathable protective layer between the skin and the outside area (even in-between the toes), allowing feet protection and healing at the same time.


We’re hopeful that GlucoRx Allpresan will play a major part in diabetic healthcare of the future. By preventing problems arising in the first place, this will have the knock-on effect of reducing the number of amputations performed in the UK and the USA, and this can only mean good news for everyone!